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Callout Zapp Riders De Pijp: we're not taking it anymore! Launch meeting june 12th

As a colleague of you all  it’s been a rollercoaster of events that have lead up to this moment. When we began working at Zapp we were hardworking, passionate workers who had a good relationship with the rest of our workforce and of course our employer. Since December however we have noticed a woeful decline in organization and fair compensation for our work. The company is on the brink of collapse. It’s consistently faltering when it came to sustaining our livelihoods both financially and administratively.

Zapp one-sidedly changed how we’re getting paid. The new scheme heavily regulates our break times. There are no more order bonuses. This payment scheme is not right for the kind of work we do, day in day out, in this fragile economy. We’re also dealing with higher frequencies of missed salary payments. Our contracts are being messed with. We need to urgently address these issues with action that can be summarized in one simple statement: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

We riders have build a union of our very own over the past year: Radical Riders. We’ve staged some powerful protests. Delivery companies got beat repeatedly. Right now is our time to stand up. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again – but we need you. Stand together with your colleagues. This Sunday we’re organizing a protest/organizing meeting in Oost. Here we’ll talk about exactly how we’re going to stop Zapp.

Sunday June 12th at 15:00
Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93 in Oost.
info: 0616541143

We see you there.
Former Zapp de Pijp Lead Rider Alex & your organizing colleagues.

A longer article with the backgrounds on the struggle at Zapp, our organising drive, our strike threats and negotiations, you’ll find soon on this website.

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