Radical Riders – Who We Are

De Radical Riders is the union of (ex-)riders, pickers e.d. from the food & groceries deliverysector and courier riding-industry.
Founded in 2021. Allready hundreds strong, we lead the fight and negotiate with the deliverycompanies, and help many get their rights individually.

Have you ever had an injury only to be asked whether your order is completed?

Is your bike falling apart, catapulting you into oncoming traffic?

Have you had your tips or wages stolen?

These are only a few out of the many issues we have encountered so far in our line of work. Whichever way you have experienced problems within your work, we have most likely experienced the same.

Have you noticed how they isolate each of us, and make it difficult to find support or communication when we need it? Well, this is what they count on. They know that when workers unite and start to talk, they begin to realise they are not alone with the issues they are facing. That in fact you’re not work shy, you’re being subjected to shitty working conditions, that yes, I also have chronic back pain now, am underpaid, got a warning for something that wasn’t my fault, or are just fed up with being ignored by the management (or lack thereof).

So, what can we do then?

It seems like we have to take responsibility into our own hands.

Through sharing our stories, learning from one another’s experiences, we can demonstrate to other workers that it is possible to fight against these companies, money-blind bosses, incompetent management, and the mistreatment of their workers.

Let’s talk of our worries and struggles.

Let’s educate ourselves in workers’ rights and contracts.

Let’s share the swelling stories of rider resistance.

We want to connect with our colleagues. Build a collective of riders aware of their rights, that stand up for each other when times get tough. Even regarding relatively simple tasks like educating each other in making sense of those payslips is elemental in decerning if the boss is cheating again or not. They’re designed to be hard to understand for workers, same with the contracts. They can’t fool us though.

Workers are made to take the brunt of the company’s systematic failures and greed. We shouldn’t be putting up with this shit, they only care for growth, everything seems to be a mess that we have to clean up. This is why we need to organize.

There are varying degrees of organising experience in the group. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have experience, everyone is welcome to come along for the ride (unless you’re a manager of course).

We organise and offer direct action, autonomy, emotional and legal support. You’re not alone in your struggle. Come join us in the fight for fair work.