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Radical Riders. A young, independent, grassroots union
We dont do slogans. We just do it.

Do you recognize any of the following?
Bad brakes and dangerous bikes. Broken engines. Low wages. Lack of working hours. Shifts being forced on you, even in dangerous weather. Pay not being on time or complete.  Being expected to use your own phone with no compensation. Breaks are forbidden. Managers treating us like numbers. Workspeed & bad bikes causing traffic crashes. Painful backs. Being fired for no reason. And on and on and on.

What if we told you that all these things… we can fight and change?
What if we told you… that there is a blossoming & radical international riders movement?
What if we told you that through protests and strikes riders in Germany and other places achieved fixed contracts, work phones and other improvements?

All those riders are just like you and me. What they can do, we can do. The difference: they are organized.

That is why we united. In the immediate sense, that means we help each other with personal struggles like sickness, understanding contracts / CAO, getting wages paid, and getting proper bikes. We support each other in dealing with life as a rider. We provide a safe space for riders to talk amongst each other.

In the process, we are building a union strong enough to challenge the bosses on the core questions with one goal: radical improvements in our working conditions.

There’s just one thing missing: You!

Riders, rise up!


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