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Experienced issues at Gorillas in Eunice or other storms? Danger, no pay?

Work sucked today. Man. At this articles writers warehouse we tried to keep safety at some level though. Was hard with these bikes, with brakes failing at crucial moments. But it was manageable. How was it for you?

During storm Eunice Gorillas played chicken with nature. They tried to keep services running as long and much as they could. Rolling the dice on our lives and health! The idea that a exploitative company as Gorillas has a better grasp of meteorology then all respected institutes combines, and has a objective grasp of when it’s “safe” to work for us, is ludicrous. At oud-west, people were told to walk when biking ‘became’ to dangerous. Whaaattt.

How was it at your warehouse? Were you pressured into accepting work? How was that done? There are stories going round of people being forced to take a day unpaid leave due to the storm. If true, we should not accept this, and take a stand. It is litteraly a slippery slope.

Have anything to share or ask, please do so and write radicalriders@riseup.net.