Arnhem riders rise up

Call out to all Arnhem riders - Visa issues, unsafe conditions and inadequate management

We have been hearing reports from Arnhem, particularly at Gorillas, that workers’ rights are constantly being violated. Riders are constantly being undervalued and their livelihoods hang in the balance because of the companies that they work for. Even if you’re not an Arnhem rider – some of the following issues may sound familiar to you. We also want to hear your stories, contact us.

Have you worked on an unsafe bike? Have you not received your bonus for working during the harsh, unsafe winter months? Has your phone been damaged at work due to either not receiving a phone holder? Or is it faulty when you do get one? Were you forced to work during code orange/red weather warnings with little regard for your safety? Has your holiday not been approved, or moved without the company contacting you? Whilst sick have you had your sickness rejected because “you didn’t comply with company policy”? Were you sent home early from shifts UNPAID due to unsuitable work conditions?

And worst of all – are you one of the riders who was promised a contract extension and work visa, but through the inadequacy of their company was left without a livelihood and left worrying about how to pay rent?  This barely scratches the surface of some of the problems we have heard coming from Arnhem. We want to hear from you, and work with you to help resolve these issues, give you a voice and fight for your rights. Please share this call with your colleagues, sign up to the Radical Riders and share your stories with us through the contact form. Together we can fight for fair work!