Thuisbezorgd: How to claim your sick pay

Hey riders of Thuisbezorgd! Did you know there is a procedure for getting paid when you are sick? We witnessed people working while sick to not fall behind on bills, being pressured to give away shifts instead of calling in sick and riders having to stay home with COVID for a week without getting paid. We even heard from someone who injured their knee working for Thuisbezorgd, and then had to do Uber Eats on their scooter to pay their bills as they couldn’t cycle anymore.

This is easily avoidable if Thuisbezorgd would inform their employees about the procedures for sick pay. Thuisbezorgd has a manual for every little procedure, but nowhere do they tell us how to get paid when we are sick.

In short: It is clear we need to take action. That is why we wrote this article and put up stickers across our cities to inform people.

If you didn’t know about this in the past and are upset, don’t worry: you can even claim back sick pay from the last years, as long as you set yourself as sick in Randstad when you were sick. For this, you need to write an email to If you need help with that, contact us!

So here is what you need to know for claiming your sick hours when you are sick:

  1. Always call in sick and register as sick on Randstad when you are sick. When you are asked to give away your shifts instead of calling in sick, insist that you want to call in sick.
  2. Enter the hours you were sick in the Randstad app as our screenshots explain. Don’t be worried if they are adjusted, Randstad automatically fills in the average of the last 13 weeks you worked.

Step 1: Open the Randstad app on your phone or go to

Step 2: In the app press “menu” and then “my timesheets”. On the website log in and click on “my job”.

Step 3:  In the app press the correct week, then press “start”. On the website just click on “new week”.

Step 4: In the app press “Other hours”. On the website select the correct week from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: In the app select “2nd year of sick leave, 70%” from the drop-down menu. On the website select “Sickness hours” from the “kind of hours” drop-down menu.

Step 6: Fill in the hours you were supposed to work on the days you were sick. Then, in the app press “ready”. On the website click “save”.

Step 7: Lastly, press or click on “send week”. Do not forget this step or Randstad will not be able to process your sick pay.

Step 8: Rest with a clear mind, as you will not get in financial trouble while you’re sick.

For a primer on Dutch sickness rights & duties, see this article.

The resolution of this issue was initiated by riders from Riders Rise Up, the Groningen branch of Radical Riders. Everyone at Radical Riders is (or was) a worker just like you, and we welcome riders from across the Netherlands to join and cooperate. If you have other issues that you find important, let’s work on solving those together. You can join us for free, so lets work together! You can contact us in Groningen at +31 6 83 04 78 55 through WhatsApp, call or text.

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