Homeless After an Accident at Thuisbezorgd – His Story and a Call for Solidarity!

A fellow rider at Thuisbezorgd has become homeless after an accident, and Thuisbezorgd is not helping him!

You can donate for him to NL18 INGB 0636 6838 34 under the name Sjerp van Wouden and mention “Homeless”.

The rider, who does not want to be named out of fear of getting fired and losing the little sick pay he is receiving, has gotten in an accident after the seat of the bicycle provided to him by Thuisbezorgd broke off. His knee got badly injured, and he is now unable to work and will have to undergo surgery.

Instead of his normal wage, which was around €450 per week before his accident, he now only receives €280 per week. He was living in a hostel in Amsterdam and searching for an apartment, but is now unable to pay for a roof over his head at all. As a result, he was staying in bars and coffee shops every night until they closed, and was then on his own in the streets of Amsterdam. His leg is getting worse and worse as he has to walk large distances to get around, and he is worried about his health and his future every single day.

The rider’s leg after the accident

Only because of friends and union support he has somewhere to sleep while this article is being written, but he will end up on the streets soon again unless he urgently receives help. We are in touch with the FNV, the media and civil society to build a support network.

The rider informed Thuisbezorgd about this situation weeks ago, and they have been acting extremely slow. We have gotten in touch with Thuisbezorgd as well to see if there is any way to solve this dire situation, and we were told that it was his fault for becoming homeless after being sick for a short period.

This is not acceptable, as this fellow rider is homeless with a broken leg right now!

If anyone has any resources to help, please contact us.