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Founding member fired: protest Thuisbezorgd Amsterdam jan 29. Meeting jan 25

Radical Riders founder Ömür was fired for speaking out. Time for protest! We’re meanwhile growing, building branches. The union is working on multiple conflicts big and small. New general meeting this week tuesday.

Next general meeting tuesday 25th at 19:30 at The Bollox and also online
Protest at Thuisbezorgd Amsterdam Hub, saterday 29th at 15:00

What’s been going on since last time? Radical expansion, showing managers who’s boss. We’ve got some shocking news and possibly an action coming up, but we’ll save that for the end 😉

Our union is expanding and establishing branches

Since our last meeting, word seems to be spreading around like wildfire that there’s this unhinged group of riders fighting against their bosses, making them cower in fear, and working to stick up for each other. In other words, Radical Riders is expanding rapidly. We welcomed some new members to the group, but have yet to meet some of the new faces.

With this in mind, we’re also going about establishing branches. We’re going NATIONWIDE! Who would have thought? This will mean more independence and the ability to focus on issues in specific areas (like the writer of this that has a pain in their ass from sitting down too long, but that doesn’t mean they want a band-aid slapped on it). This of course will take some time, but seems to be going smoothly.

Successes and progress in numerous cases

During the past weeks, we’ve had numerous successes. From phone damages being paid for and movement in larger cases. Overwhelming support has been gained for comrade Mustapha, with our friends in Germany taking some sneaky actions against warehouses, and further negotiations are being made with Gorillas.

Fighting for our right to be sick

Another comrade who was fired after being on sick leave has got there job back after a ‘polite’ discussion with a manager. As soon as we entered their room, they were quick to deny that they had ever been fired. Which is odd if only because the day before another Radical Rider raised questions on the dismissal and this was confirmed by the managers then, who even said: it’s out of our hands, can’t go anything, talk to the bureaucracy. These managers are slippery bastards heh?

Well, we pinned them down and quickly sorted out the matter. We all have the right to be sick without management breathing down our necks and threatening our jobs. We must set the precedent and stand strong against their threats! They have no ground to stand on and know this, so it doesn’t take much to make them back down.


Date: saterday january 29th.
Time: 15:00
Location: Van Slingelandtplein 11, 1051 DD Amsterdam. 🔗🗺️

So now for the (not completely) shocking news.

Thuisbezorgd are union busters!

And pretty blatant about it too. One of our founding members and dear comrade of ours has been illegally dismissed due to speaking out about poor working conditions.

Thuisbezorgd Amsterdam has a history of swiftly shutting down conversations about issues in the warehouse, silencing any possible concerns, pretending they couldn’t possibly exist. From deleting discord messages asking for help, suspending workers, and reducing hours, we thought we’d seen it all.

Until our comrade got fired.

They’re scared of us. Let’s make them even more scared. Let’s put the problems in front of their noses. We of course are going to respond pleasantly (why is there no sarcasm button on this computer?) and swiftly. Perhaps we have something up our sleave?

To find out more, you’ll have to show up to the meeting!
Curiosity didn’t kill the courier,
It turned the courier into a Radical Rider!

You can read Ömür’s story here.