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Second round of talks Radical Riders & Gorillas board

After a first round one and a half months ago we’re again going to talk with the board of Gorillas. The first round was worthwhile, was a good frank conversation, we could go deep with Gorillas. But concretely nothing has as of yet come out of this. This conversation we have primarily as Gorillas riders. It is not the privilege of Radical Riders ‘bureaucrats’. In fact, you (yes you) are welcome. Do you want to be part of the conversation? Mail to radicalriders@riseup.net or call Sjerp (0616541143). The meeting will be somewhere in Amsterdam, place tba, tuesday at 16:00.

Before the meeting with the Gorillas board, at 12 in the day, there will be the possibility in an online session to share your ideas and frustrations. So if you have something to share, take this opportunity. Together we’re the union!