radical riders demonstratie gorillas hoofdkantoor 2021

Riders Rebel at Gorillas International HQ

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In October, despite promises made by the CEO, Gorillas fired over 350 workers who had been on strike in Berlin, demanding better pay and conditions.

On the 17th of November we demonstrated in Solidarity with our fellow workers in Berlin who were unfairly dismissed by Gorillas for striking for better rights and working conditions.

What’s disgusting? Union busting! These vile practices will not be tolerated.

One of our comrades bravely waltzed into the offices, demanding to speak to the managers and bosses present. Despite our reasonable request, for a worker to speak with their boss, it was denied under the pitiful excuse of ‘covid regulations’. We found this rather interesting, considering that the management has previously had little to no concern regarding the safety of their workers during this pandemic, allowing their workers to encounter hundreds of customers on a daily basis, and denying or covering up breakouts in their warehouses.

Well, the cowards may have felt safe in their office tower, but we certainly turned this around. Armed with workers from numerous companies, some kick-ass speakers and amazing speeches from our comrades, we were sure to make their windows rattle and knees wobble. Our presence and stance was loud and clear.

The speakers were not the main thing that allowed our voices to be heard, but the overwhelming sense of togetherness and solidarity. One worker complaining to the management may go unheard, but when we stand strong together, there is no way they will be able to ignore us.

We must continue this fight together. It is only through our collective efforts that we can forge a change and put an end to the greed and cost-cutting practices of the CEOs at such companies, that we pay so dearly for.

Unskilled labour is a myth perpetuated by the bourgeoisie to justify low wages and poor working conditions. We will not stand for this.

We demand:

– All workers dismissed for striking to be rehired

– Higher wages

– Sufficient sick pay with no waiting days

– Sufficient paid breaks

– Safe/fully working bikes

– Bikes with luggage racks

– Access to toilets

– An end to unjustified dismissals


We are not the playthings of capital speculation.

We are not victims.

We will fight.

We are Radical Riders



P.S. Gorillas sucks