berlijn soli actie

Flyer actions in den Haag in Arnhem

Solidarity with the Berlin Gorillas riders! Riders Rise Up!

Yesterday (15.10.2021) we went flyering in the center of Arnhem and near the Gorillas warehouse in den Haag in solidarity with the Gorillas workers from Berlin who got fired after striking for better working conditions. We gave away a lot of radical riders flyers. The reception over all was quite positive with only a few people saying that they did not feel underpaid or that they were happy with their jobs.

In Arnhem, we were moving around the city targeting riders from all delivery companies present (, Deliveroo, Thuisbezorgd, Uber Eats and Gorillas). We weren’t bothered by the cops/playmobils at all, so in the end the action turned out to be quite easy and pleasant. If you want to do the same, remember to be quick and get straight to the point, as the riders have to go fast. Other than that our experience was that they were friendly and happy to listen and read the flyer.

In den Haag we stood with a banner at the Gorillas warehouse, distributing leaflets to the riders coming in and out the building to much of their delight.

There’s a version of the flyer with this post, hand them out with comrades at a Gorillas supermarket near you, leave them at restaurants, universities and other public places! Or contact Radical Riders to take action at