An Unsuccesful Attempt At Union Busting

How Thuisbezorgd canceled our conversation and why we came out stronger than before.

We went to the headquarters of Just Eat Takeaway/Thuisbezorgd last Friday to show that we do not accept the last-minute cancelation of the planned conversation with our management. Instead of an open conversation about how to improve our workplace involving other riders, our lawyer and an FNV representative, one of us was asked to have a secret conversation with Randstad and Thuisbezorgd at some point in the future. This would amount to shutting down the union drive currently going on at Thuisbezorgd as it would separate rather than unite us.

We agreed that we can’t let Thuisbezorgd dictate the way we address problems. We decided to take it to the streets and show up at their doorstep to make it clear that we can’t be divided. With banners, music, chants and speeches we had a powerful picket that was well received by passersby. We spoke about our working conditions and read quotes and stories about the problematic and sometimes even illegal things that happened in different cities across the Netherlands.

A delegation of us entered the building and was promised future conversations, which demonstrates that showing strength and presence is the way for workers to organize and get what they want. We will stand together, and we are not afraid to show up again with more people and more pressure if Thuisbezorgd does not follow up on its words.

We stand in solidarity with workers organizing in other countries to hold Just Eat Takeaway accountable for their practices and will continue the fight!