Radical Riders meeting fri 20/8 AMS

Lovely peoples! Riders! (and people who know riders)

20th of august riders and fellow organising / activist meet
at the Nieuwland, Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 95, 13:00.
Mail: radicalriders@riseup.net

There’s something moving on the rider front. The German examples of friday the 13th and our own actions last week are coming together with organizing efforts at Thuisbezorgd. That last group has been working on networks of discontented riders since this February. Let’s recognize this special opportunity, that might not repeat soon. Now we just might be able to build grassroots workers alternatives to the power of these obnoxious businesses. It’s still very early days, so all inviduals count.

We’re looking into the labourconflicts as we speak. The first is a rider who also took part in our action, and it looks like they just didn’t get the pay they worked for. The paperwork is labyrintine, we’re looking into it. The second is a rider, whose case I haven’t looked into carefully but basically he spoke out against his employer and is now being victimised, being threatened with being fired.

So…. are you angry? Want to organize? Think your boss cheats you on the pay? Or just angry about bikes’ batteries shutting down? Come by and let’s meet.

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