Germany gorillas strike

Pressrelease: protest at Gorillas HQ

Amsterdam 17 November 2021

Radical Riders is an independent union of workers within the grocery and food delivery sector. Today we stand in front of the head offices of Gorillas in Amsterdam. In October, despite promises made by the CEO, Gorillas fired hundreds of workers who had been on strike in Berlin, demanding better pay and conditions. We stand in solidarity with our fellow workers in Germany!

Despite our work being deemed as essential within the ongoing pandemic, we are treated by these companies as disposable. Most of us are living from one pay-check to the other. We are kept in a
constant state of precarity. If we get injured because of our work and the negligence of the company, they take no responsibility, and at times try to fire us. Wages often come in late or short of what they should be. Complaints and concerns with regard to this and our safety are most often ignored or used against us.

We are most often the ones to take the brunt of the corner-cutting, cost-cutting, and ruthless profiteering. Increasingly we find that we are faced with faulty equipment and bikes, payslip
inaccuracies, and changes within contracts that have reduced pay for sick leave, longer shifts and shorter breaks. Being pushed around in such a way, in an already physically demanding job, is completely unacceptable. We are tired of being the subject of capital speculation and precarity. Our livelihoods’ seem to be the playthings of greedy CEOs and investors. We will not put up with this any longer.
As delivery Workers we demand fair treatment and good working conditions! We stand for all bicycle couriers, deliverers, and workers out there that are struggling with the same issues.


Radical Riders. The independent union.